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Poiyomi Toon is a free, feature-rich toon and PBR shader for Unity, with a specific focus on usage with VRChat.

On the sidebar, you'll find documentation for different parts of the shader.


This documentation is geared towards Poiyomi 8.0+.

If you're using Poiyomi 7.0 or earlier, this documentation may not apply at all. An upgrade guide is available for moving from Poiyomi 7.0 to 8.0+.



The latest version of Poiyomi Toon (free) is available in the Poiyomi Discord server in the #free-shader channel!

A stable, but likely outdated version of Poiyomi Toon is available on GitHub.


The Pro version of the shader is available on the Poiyomi Patreon.

Features that are specific to the Pro version of the shader will be indicated on their respective pages.

Completion Status


This documentation is a work in progress! If you have any questions, or if you think you've found an issue, please join the Discord and ask! Our goal is to have a fully-fleshed out documentation site with rich visual examples and explanations for all of the shader features.

During the creation of this documentation, however, priority is placed on getting text-based documentation complete first, followed by images and videos, so don't panic if it seems like there's a lot of text for now!

General Shader Settings📓 Text Complete
Color & Normals📓 Text Complete
Shading📓 Text Complete
Outlines📓 Text Complete
Audio Link❌ Not Started
Special FX⚠️ Work-In-Progress
Modifiers❌ Not Started
Post Processing📓 Text Complete
Rendering📓 Text Complete
Grab Pass📓 Text Complete