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Feature-rich Toon and PBR Shader for Unity, with a specific focus on VRChat

Toon | Realistic | Stylized Shading | PBR Features | Global Masking | AudioLink Support | and more!


  • Various Shading Styles
    • Stylized Toon Shading presets with customizable options, such as Texture Ramp, Multilayer Math, and ShadeMap.
    • Realistic Shading presets, such as Wrapped, Skin, Realistic, and Cloth.
    • Sophisticated Light Data settings for changing how the lighting and shading is influenced on your Material.
    • Outline features for adding cartoon-style outer stencils to your Model, using the inverse-hull effect.
    • Grab Pass features, available as a separate shader variant.
  • Easy to Use
    • User Interface with sophisticated organization and layout that sets it apart from other Toon shaders.
  • Fun, Decorative Functions
    • Decals, for fun and unique ways to decorate your Avatar with logos, shapes, stickers, and patterns.
    • Details, allowing you to apply (often tiled textures) to your Base Color and Normals.
    • Up to 4 Matcaps for creating fast and approximate looks from a spherical texture.
    • Cubemaps, for simulating reflections and other effects using an HDR cubemap texture.
    • Flipbooks, providing support for Texture Arrays that can be played as an animation on the Material.
    • Up to 4 Emission Slots, each with independent unique options for adding highlights or glow effects.
    • Glitter, providing voronoi-based sparkles to the color of the mesh that can create glittery surfaces with specular lighting.
    • Various UV options such as support for UV0, UV1, UV2, UV3, Distortion, Panosphere, and Polar UV.
  • PBR Features
    • Reflections & Specular, for metallics and reflective surfaces.
    • Clear Coat, creating glossy appearances that can be compared to automotive paint or carbon fiber composite.
    • Up to 2 Rim Lighting effects, allowing for fresnel-like highlights or glows around the edges of a Material.
    • Environmental Rim, simulating low-angle reflections from the surrounding environment.
  • Highly-acclaimed Masking Features
    • Vertex Colors and various Masking support for advanced customization.
    • RGBA Color Masking for applying different color tints, textures, and normal maps with the main color.
    • Signature Global Masking support, allowing for up to 16 Color Channels to use from up to 4 Global Masks across the Material.
  • The most advanced Material User Interface for a Toon Shader
    • Integrated Texture Packers for merging Masks and Color Channels in various features.
    • Use Presets to easily apply features from a Material onto another Material.
    • Search functionality, allowing ease of access to common features.
    • Cross-Shader Editor for editing multiple Materials using Poiyomi Shaders, all at once.
    • All features of ThryEditor.
  • Full AudioLink Support
    • Over 10+ modules in Poiyomi Shaders supporting various AudioLink effects!
    • AL Spectrum, projecting a waveform-like effect that react to the World's music onto the UV.