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Download & Install

The latest version of Poiyomi Toon Shader can be installed in one of two ways. Choose one of the methods below that you prefer.

Method 1. Manual Unity Package

  1. Join the Poiyomi Discord Server and download the latest .unitypackage posted in #free-shader channel.
    • OR you can download a stable, but likely outdated version of Poiyomi Toon Shader from either GitHub or BOOTH.
  2. Import the Unity Package into your Unity Project from the Menu Bar via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
  3. Click Import when prompted.
  4. Done! Enjoy using Poiyomi Shaders.

Upgrading the Shader Unity Package

When replacing or upgrading versions, you must do the following:

  1. Delete the Assets/_PoiyomiShaders folder in your Project. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  2. Import the newest Unity Package into your Project from the Menu Bar via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
  3. Click Import when prompted.
  4. Done! You are now on the latest version.

DO NOT ATTEMPT to import Poiyomi Shaders over another, or your project may break!

Method 2. Creator Companion

  1. Click the Add to VCC button above to add Poiyomi Toon Shader to the Creator Companion. The button will open the Creator Companion App.
    • Didn't work? In the VCC, go to Settings > Packages > Add Repository, type in and then click Add.
  2. When Prompted, click the button labeled I Understand, Add Respository.
  3. In the list, make sure Poiyomi's VPM Repo is checkmarked.
  4. Find your Project in the VCC Project List, click Manage Project, then click the + button on Poiyomi Toon Shader to add it to your project.
  5. Done! Launch your Project after the Package is resolved. Enjoy using Poiyomi Shaders.

Upgrading the Shader via VCC

To update the VCC Version later on, simply return to Manage Project and click the green-highlighted version to update to the specified version.


The VCC version of Poiyomi Shaders will automatically replace any existing copy of the _PoiyomiShaders folder in your Project's Assets in favor of the VCC Version, if it exists. Keep this in mind if you have any other versions, such as the Pro version, in your Project.

Poiyomi Pro

The Pro version of the shader (also known as Poiyomi Pro) is a Paid Version of the shader, available as a subscription model for $10/month on Patreon.

Pro Shader is only available exclusively through Discord

In order to download Poiyomi Pro, you must:

  1. Subscribe to the Poiyomi Patreon for $10/month USD.
  2. Link your Patreon Account to your Discord Account.
  3. Join the Poiyomi Discord Server in order to gain access to the #paid-shader channel, where you can then download it. Only Pro Versions of the Shader will be offered through Discord, and will never be distributed from anywhere else.

As a reminder, the Pro Shader only includes extra features. Therefore, it is not required if you are trying to access features already available in the Free version.

Incompatible with VCC Repo

As Poiyomi Pro is exclusive to Discord, it is incompatible with the VCC Version of Poiyomi Toon.

You must uninstall Poiyomi Toon from the VCC prior to importing Poiyomi Pro!