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Thry Editor includes some integrations that you may end up using while using Poiyomi Shaders. Here are a few known Tools available:

Fix Keywords

Thry -> Shader Tools -> Fix Keywords Enables / Disables Keywords on all materials depending on the float value of their properties.


The latest versions of Poiyomi Shaders do a much better handling of Shader Keywords. Therefore, you shouldn't ever need to use this function.

You should only Fix Keywords if you know what you are doing, or have been instructed to use it.

Unlocked Material List

Lists all materials in the project that are unlocked with an option to lock them.


Flipbooks Creator

Has options to convert a series of textures or a gif into a Flipbook. Flipbooks can be used in shaders e.g. for animated textures.

Using this option requires multi-selecting the file or image sequence, followed by Right-Click, navigating to Thry -> Flipbooks and choosing an option.

flipbook maker