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Special Shader Versions

Poiyomi Shaders has some special Shader versions included that are made for very specific purposes. These can have different performance impacts and should only be used when the need arises for it.

Typically you'll only be using .poiyomi/Poiyomi Toon on a daily basis, as it's the most optimized. If you are planning on only using the normal Shader version, you can stop reading here.

For those who need to use Poiyomi Shaders for very specific purposes, read on for more details.


Some of these alternate Shader versions are not recommended for daily usage as they can have a performance impact, unless otherwise noted. Use them judiciously!

Two Pass

  • .poiyomi/Poiyomi Toon Two Pass

The Two Pass version renders the inside of the Mesh first, rather than the outside (Cull Front > Cull Back). This special version should only be used when creating Meshes that need to have double the rendering pass, especially with Transparency.

Because this Shader renders everything twice, it can have a slight performance impact.

Outline Early

  • .poiyomi/Poiyomi Toon Outline Early

The Outline Early Shader renders the Outline before rendering the main Mesh, as opposed to normal Outline, which renders afterwards. This can be useful for certain situations where you want the Outline to be prioritized in the rendering pass.

As Outline Early renders the Outline twice, it can have a slight performance impact.

Grab Pass

  • .poiyomi/Poiyomi Toon Grab Pass

The Grab Pass Shader is used for specialized effects that require taking a screenshot every frame in order for it to render. See Grab Pass for more info.

Because this shader version uses a Grab Pass, it has the strongest performance impact as it has to take a screenshot every frame to render.


  • .poiyomi/Poiyomi Toon World

The Poiyomi World Shader includes the necessary Global Illumination components needed for it to render properly in Worlds with Baked Lighting. It is primarily targeted for those who intend to use features found in Poiyomi Shaders in their VRChat Worlds.

Optimized for Worlds SDK users only

Poiyomi World matches the same features as the normal Poiyomi Toon Shader, with the only difference being the inclusion of Baked Lighting.

We recommend only using this Shader if you are using the Worlds SDK.